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The antenna can be suspended from a near by tree limb or use a fiber glass fishing pole etc. The WB5CXC design offers a "current" balun made from smaller diameter coax which offers decoupling of the coax for a cleaner radiation pattern.6m J-Pole by WB5CXC Posted in VHF Antennas Use a 54” piece of 450 ohm Ladder line. Cut out 3 inches of the center part of the ladder line.

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Home Antenna 80M EH Antenna by WB5CXC. 80M EH Antenna by WB5CXC. Posted date: November 05, 2015 in: Antenna No Comments. EH Antenna "This is a picture of my EH 'STAR' antenna for 80 meters. It has two cylinders made from aluminum flashing 30 1/2" long, wrapped around 2" (2.375") PVC pipe.
Apr 27, 2010 · 10 meter ham radio antenna topics by N0HR; 10m 2 Ele Yagi Antenna by AA1DO; 10m 3 Ele Yagi Antenna by OZ2OE; 10m Vertical Antenna by WB5CXC; 10m Delta Loop Antenna by O.M. Concept; 10m J-Pole Antenna by KC0TKS; 10m Halo Antenna by G0AOZ; Propagation Service Center by 19DX072; Ionospheric Propagation explained including 10m Band Designing & Building Your Own EH Antenna WB5CXC 20M EH built with 2" PVC pipe Information and data for this page is from documentation obtained from the EH Antenna web site and from my own experience with building these antennas. EH Antenna Web Site www.eh­antenna.com

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9/1 (450 Ohm to 50 Ohm) UNUN as “pre-match unit” for use with multiband endfed non resonant longwire antennas. The endfed multiband “longwire” antenna is a popular and simple wire antenna that is often used to be QRV rapidly on several different amateur radio frequency bands.
small antennas like the electrial and magnetic field EH-antenna can´t work wonders ! but before you read the following pse try to brake your mental wall about common antenna layouts and requirements - the EH-antenna is a unique design with its own special electrical rules statement 2: Firestik CB Antenna The Firestik Antenna is one of the best-selling off-road antennas on the market today. Composed of fiberglass and proudly made here in the U.S. of A., this antenna and the CB antenna mount that comes with it are the perfect accessory for your pick-up, Jeep or other off-road vehicle.

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L'antenna è risultata inoltre molto silenziosa e con una larga banda passante (quasi 1 Mhz,considerando gli estremi a VSWR 2:1).L'esemplare da me realizzato è stato testato con una potenza massima di 100 watt che ha tenuto tranquillamente,però suggerirei,vista la sezione del filo impiegato,di non eccedere troppo e di tenersi normalmente al ...
80M EH Antenna by WB5CXC. ... Antenna loop portatile costruita nella Repubblica Ceca, adatta per il QRP da 3,5 a 28 MHz B PLUS TV a. s., Požárnická 140, 742 83 ... L' antenna da me costruita risuona a 16 Mhz e nonostante le varie prove non ne vuole sapere di risuonare a 14 Mhz, ma la cosa che mi ha piu' scoraggiato , e' che cambiando la lunghezza del cavo di alimentazione variava anche la risonanza , questo scherzetto lo avevo gia' riscontrato anche nella precedente versione la quale solo con uno spezzone ...

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Home Antenna 80M EH Antenna by WB5CXC. 80M EH Antenna by WB5CXC. Posted date: November 05, 2015 in: Antenna No Comments. EH Antenna "This is a picture of my EH 'STAR' antenna for 80 meters. It has two cylinders made from aluminum flashing 30 1/2" long, wrapped around 2" (2.375") PVC pipe.
A test of an 80m EH-ANTENNA This was conducted similar to the 40m EH-ANTENNA test. I suggest you read the 40m test first to understand the test setup, then return here to read about the 80m test results. All antennas used in the 80m test were identical to those used in the 40m test, except of course the 40m EH-ANT was replaced by the 80m EH-ANT. Antennas. VK2ZOI's dual-band flower-pot antenna design. The Larry Brown (SK) WB5CXC web site has some great antenna designs. Comments. Sign in | Report Abuse ...

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Product Title Francis Antennas 300-CB25B 4.5' Hot Rod CB Radio Ant ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $23.76 $ 23 . 76 List List Price $28.14 $ 28 . 14
Mar 18, 2019 · 700 amateur radio topics - 6,000 links & 133 pages - from antennas to zones NOTE: AC6V.com is an archive of Rod/AC6V's webpages, and is no longer being updated. How To Obtain A Ham License This is my homebrew EH antenna for 40M band.This antenna has the problem with a strong returning RF in to coax. This is the reason why i never tryed this ant...

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Apr 12, 2011 · I am unable to check the SWR properly, as I don't possess a VHF meter, and for some reason the 706's meter shows 1.2 even with no antenna connected, I did try it with an old cb twin meter, swr meter, checking on the cars vertical first for a 'sanity check' reading, against that it showed an SWR of around 2.5:1, so some adjustment required.
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